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Code and the Coding Coders who Code it

We talk about Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and everything in between. From tiny tips to bigger challenges we take on 3 questions a show; What are you working on? What's blocking you? What's something cool you want to share?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous planning for RubyConf, where  Kinsey Durham Grace reveals exciting new initiatives aimed at making the conference more inclusive and accessible for developers of all skill levels. Learn about the importance of the early Call for Proposals (CFP) and the exciting RubyConf tracks planned for this year. As she details the structure of RubyConf, featuring three simultaneous tracks and a community-focused day, you’ll see why this event is a must-attend for anyone in the Ruby community.

Ever hit a roadblock while working on a project? Kinsey discusses common blockers at GitHub and how tools like Sorbet, AASM, and Packwork have transformed their workflow. With insights from experienced organizers like Spike from Rocky Mountain Ruby, you’ll learn about the importance of having a playbook and support system in place. Finally, get inspired to submit your talk for upcoming conferences, leveraging coaching resources to ensure your proposals shine. Kinsey’s enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge make this episode a treasure trove for anyone passionate about tech, community, and personal growth.