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Code and the Coding Coders who Code it

We talk about Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and everything in between. From tiny tips to bigger challenges we take on 3 questions a show; What are you working on? What's blocking you? What's something cool you want to share?

Ever wondered how a Ruby developer transitions into a successful entrepreneur? Join us as Josh Wood, co-founder of, shares his fascinating journey. From creating notable projects like the Heya gem and Exceptional Creatures to spearheading the launch of HoneyBadger Insights, Josh offers an insider's view of the Ruby community and his experiences at RailsConf. Listen to his unique perspective on balancing developer relations, marketing, and the dynamic energy that fuels his passion for Ruby development.

Curious about the latest trends in Ruby conferences? This episode dives into the vibrant world of Ruby events across the U.S. and Europe. We discuss the allure of gatherings like Blue Ridge and Rocky Mountain Ruby, along with smaller, community-driven meetups such as Ruby on Trails and Rawhide Ruby. Learn about the shift in Ruby Central's focus from organizing RailsConf to empowering regional conferences and ponder the potential rise of new events in cities like Philadelphia. Josh and his co-founder Ben Curtis's collaborative dynamics and quarterly strategy meetings are also on the agenda.

What does it take to reposition a well-known error tracker into a comprehensive application performance monitoring tool? Josh reveals the strategic shifts at HoneyBadger, unpacking the challenges of marketing and design from the vantage point of a technical founder. Hear about the creative process behind naming projects, the nostalgic joy of using older technologies, and the interplay between personal hobbies and professional life. This episode promises a rich blend of insights and stories that will captivate anyone interested in the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and community culture.