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Code and the Coding Coders who Code it

We talk about Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and everything in between. From tiny tips to bigger challenges we take on 3 questions a show; What are you working on? What's blocking you? What's something cool you want to share?

Imagine stepping into the control room of a major tech conference with us as we chat with Andy Croll, CTO of Coverage Book and freshly minted co-chair of RailsConf. This episode peels back the curtain on the meticulous craft of conference planning – from the adrenaline rush of putting together a tech event to the nitty-gritty of ensuring that every attendee leaves with more than they came for. Andy's vision for RailsConf marries the camaraderie of small engineering teams with the prowess of industry titans, striving for a lineup that reflects the global community's rich tapestry.

With Andy at the helm, we travel the path from Brighton Ruby's intimate gatherings to the sprawling expanse of RailsConf, painting a vivid picture of the care poured into speaker preparation and the quest for the Holy Grail of event organization – flawless Wi-Fi. You can almost hear the cogs turning as we delve into the logistics of venue scouting and the art of crafting a compelling call for papers. Whether you're a conference going enthusiast or simply fascinated by the orchestration behind the scenes, Andy's insights offer a unique lens into the world of tech events.

Wrapping up the discussion, the podcast takes a lighthearted detour through personal anecdotes and the shared excitement for both the upcoming RailsConf and the cherished Brighton Ruby conference. The warmth of reconnection and the buzz of collective anticipation for future engagements leave us with a sense of renewed community spirit. Join us on this engaging journey through the ins and outs of bringing a beloved industry gathering to life.