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Code and the Coding Coders who Code it

We talk about Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and everything in between. From tiny tips to bigger challenges we take on 3 questions a show; What are you working on? What's blocking you? What's something cool you want to share?

In this episode, I'm joined by a special guest, Ben Ornstein, one of my Ruby heroes. I may fan-boy a bit as I express my admiration for Tuple, a tool I love. Together, we dive deep into Tuple's journey, starting from its inception and delving into the creative problem-solving and ingenuity behind its design and development. Ben also reveals his transition from CEO to Head of Product.  We discuss the fresh perspective on team collaboration methods and product development this change offers. We explore how feedback loops and Agile practices play a pivotal role in Tuple's continuous evolution. Along the way, we also reflect on the 'My Life in Weeks' poster, which serves as a stark reminder of the fleeting nature of our time on Earth. This episode is a roller-coaster of insights, trivia, and reflections that will hopefully leave you feeling wiser and more contemplative.